Visual Studio 2010 Powershell Extension and PowerGUI

I was using Powershell scripting to create automated deployment scripts for SSIS packages and believe me even though Powershell is a great scripting language it was quite difficult get a script syntactically correct and error free for first time. To overcome this difficulty I used the Powershell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment). It gives some form of aid to my scripting needs, but I have to say not much. As my self and the team were battling with tight sprint dead lines, these automated scripts writing took considerable amount of time. This was affecting the completion of sprints and one reason for increasing the remaining work at the end of sprints. It was a nightmare to manage the scripts scattered with the team.

When I was reading through my emails I got this email from Tech Republic, of course I’m tech republic fan, regarding this Powershell extension for Visual Studio 2010. So I read it and got the components installed. First you need to install the PowerGUI, otherwise the Visual Studio extension will not work.

For more details please refer the article on:

This improved our efforts to get the automated deployment scripts correct as it cut down the development time drastically. The key is we managed to get the script correct with the support of the intellisense. And above all it provides debugging as well. And also it helped us to get all the scripts under one project which enabled me to do more code reviews and guide my team mates.

We may not notice these tiny pieces of software hovering around us. But they can make a big difference and they will ease your development work and make you more productive.


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