Month: April 2012

SSIS Package Control Flow is Corrupted

In one of the on going projects we had to create considerable amount of SSIS packages to upload and generate various files. Some times we encounter a scenario where the Control Flow view gets corrupted. All the packages were in Source Control with TFS2010. Couldn’t find the exact reason for this. But found a way to correct the issues. Following is a sample image of the corrupted Control flow of the package.

Because of this issue we can’t do further amendments to the control flow as it is not responding at this stage. At one stage it appears that we had to create the package from the scratch. It is a nightmare to do so for a complex ETL package. I found a workaround to overcome this issue and the source code being checked in to the Source Control helped me a lot. Following are the steps to resolve the problem.



Understanding the MVC Routing process

In MVC applications the request are processed by the Controller. So how does the APS.NET transfer the request to the Controller? For example, how does the Controller interprets the following request;