Month: December 2012

Dealing issues with Agile Process – Part 2

Under this topic I’m going to discuss another issue which I came across, i.e. the team is not ready and/or not used to automated testing. Due to the rapid delivery cycles automated testing is vital for agile practices. I’m saying this because if you try to implement manual testing during two to four weeks sprint the QA team will have a loads and loads of unfinished testing at the end of the sprint which will be carried to the next sprint. This will not end up in single sprint unless you add more resources or allocate a separate sprint to catch up, you will always fall behind. The only feasible solution is to implement the automated testing. If it is new to your company then implementation is one of the tedious and most difficult tasks, but failing to introduce this will be a challenging task for the QA team to keep up with the bug list during shorter sprints. It is worth to take an early decision on the implementation of the automated testing. Ideally there should be a framework for this which will ease the writing of automated test scripts during the sprint. If not then it will consume the project time if we would start from the scratch. So do not include this step in the project unless you have experts and the knowledge in this area. That is if you are planning to implement agile then make this decision as early as possible and allocate couple of developers and one or two QA members to get the automated test framework done, because it is a worth of an investment.