Month: February 2013

Deleting Gmail accounts on Adroid

Deleting a Gmail account from the Android smart phone is complicated which will result in deleting all the Contacts, SMS,call logs,etc will be gone, because it requires you to reset your phone to factory defaults. Read more on the following link under “How to delete current Gmail Account on an Android Phone”.
How to Delete Current Gmail Account on an Android Phone

Just removing a Gmail account will result you in deleting all the important data if not backedup. Funny isn’t it, backing up all your personal data just to remove a Gmail account? I guess it is Time for a windows or IPhone…


Why logging is important in Distributed Systems architecture?

When we design for distributed systems logging is one of the important thing that we need to consider. Why is it so important? As we all know, when we take a distributed system there are many layers involved and also many third party integrations such as facebook, twitter, payment gateways, etc. All these component together may build your enterprise solution.

So the problem arises when it comes to locate issues within your system. The business needs are changing and new competitors comes up all around the world and no one can rest, sometimes you may get requirements to be implemented over night. So these requirements need to be implemented and deployed to the target users as quickly as possible and we can’t afford to have bugs in these releases as they will end up with catastrophic results to the end users.

Debugging would be an ideal and the apparent solution for this, but believe me if you have several different layers in your solution and some third party integrations, it is not. Because you’ll have to spend hours to locate the locations to put the break points and have to run the debugger several times to identify the issue. This is like brain surgery hard scenario and you can’t spend time one these. And if you have any asynchronous processing and any threads involved, identifying an issue will be more difficult than anything else.