Complex Customer Relationship Structures

In many organizations, they have different relationships between their customers. And these relationships can be very complex. If you get 10 businesses, they do operations in 10 different ways. And you must respect that in order for you to have healthy relationship with your client. Fortunately Dynamics CRM is here to save the day. You can maintain the complexity of your customer relationship in Dynamics CRM.

Let’s take a look at couple of scenarios. ABC Leisure is a hotel chain organization which has 3subsidiaries: Restaurants, Hotels and Apartments. Under each subsidiary, there are various restaurants, hotels and apartments. And our client is dealing with all these levels. For them they have one Primary contact for all these layers. It is illustrated in the below diagram.



The next set of images illustrated the representation in Dynamics 365.

The parent account, the ABC Leisure.


Next the subsidiaries.

The Restaurants.


The Hotels


The Apartments


Let’s look at another scenario. In this case there will be different primary contacts for each of the subsidiaries and the mother company.


As above the mother company is ABC Leisure and it has its own primary contact.


Then the subsidiaries. You can see, they have their own contacts.

The Apartments


The Restaurants


The Hotels


The take away from this is that, no matter how complex the structure of the relationship with your clients, you can easily represent it with Dynamics 365. But, we solution providers must be very careful on setting up these relationship, if not properly set up, then it can be mess.


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