Follow and un-follow records.

There are many actions that you can perform against records. Following and un-following is one of them. This article is about a scenario where you can use this cool feature.

Assume that you have a list of clients or accounts. And you have nominated top 3 of those, because they bring the biggest chunk of your annual revenue. Above all they are your reference customers. Normally CEOs, Sales Directors would like to keep a close eye on these clients. With Dynamics CRM, they can easily follow these records. When they do that, these accounts will appear under the “Accounts I follow” view. So they don’t have to worry about all the accounts that exists in the system.



All of a sudden one of them decided to leave and the relevant account manager updates the record with the reason. But the company still needs this client and as a company, you should fight to the end to retain the client. In such scenarios, you need the help from the top. For instance, some intervention from CEO, or a Director.

True, that you can send them an email, or give a phone call. But if the top management is following only the particular set of important clients, they can see what is going on with the account.


As you can see from the above screen, the conversation can be visible to both the CEO and the Sales Person, which will enable them to take actions to safeguard the client collaboratively.

These are simple features, but sometimes, they are life savers.


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