Set up demo data for Field Services

On Dynamics 365 app market place, there is a app for Fields Services. This app is a great start point for clients who are in the field services industry. The out of the box application is ready to use. But, in some scenarios, need to convince your clients, that the solution is viable. You can easily install the app, but for your account manager or sales guys to go and demo the capabilities, you need demo data. You can’t do this with by out of the box sales data. You need field service specific data to give your prospects the feel of the application. The problem is, there is no proper guide given out there. The objective of this article is to provide step by step guide to install the demo data for Field Services.

Fortunately, the demo data can be downloaded from the following link.

Installing the demo data is not straight forward, it involves following steps.

Download the demo data package from the above link. Double click on the file and click Run. Click Yes to accept license agreement.


Click Browse to choose a local directory to extract data.



Right click on the FSPackage 06-22-2016 file and extract it.



Open the FS_PkgFolder.


Right click on the DemoDataConfig file and click Edit.


Locate the NewName value and enter a name of a user in your Dynamics 365 deployment.


Click Save to save the config file and close it. Copy FS_DemoDataPackage.dll and the FS_PackageFolder to the …\SDK\Tools\PackageDeployer folder under the CRM SDK. Right click and execute it as an administrator. PackageDeployer will commence to install the demo data package.crm11.9

On the welcome screen, click continue. Next you can select the deployment type. In this example, I am going to select Office 365 because I will be uploading data to Dynamics 365 online.


Select the Display list of available organizations check box and select the Display list of available organizations check box. Select show advanced check box Click the online region and select your region. Then enter the username and password and click login. You will be directed the Field Services Demo Data Setup Tool.


On the Welcome to the Field Service Demo Data setup Tool screen, click Next.


Click Next on the above screen after verification completes. Then the data upload process starts.


When all the files are imported, you can click on the next button.



Click finish to complete the data upload. Navigate to WorkOrders under the Field Services section to verify the data.



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