Migrating data with Many to Many relationships

When providing client solutions with CRM, majority of the time clients want to migrate their existing data. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to migrate data with many to many relationships. As we all know support for many to many relationships is one of the coolest features in Dynamics CRM.

For instance, let’s assume a client wants to upload the accounts(companies) with the primary contact intact. In this scenario, accounts has a reference to contacts and contacts has reference to accounts (company). You can see the references in the below images.



Remember, you cannot upload these individually, because the migration will fail. So, before uploading, make sure these files are converted to csv files. And one simple thing you have to do is to combine these files together as a ZIP file.  This will enable you to import data with cross references. Dynamics CRM will internally map the many to many relationship in this case.



Once this is done, navigate to data migration option of the target CRM environment. Here I am using a trial Dynamics 365 account.


elect the ZIP file from the folder and when you hit on next, the system will detect there are two entities within the ZIP file. Navigates through the data import wizard. Make sure you map the data correctly.


If you map data correctly, you will see the following screen.


Click Next and review the data import settings. If you are ok with it, you can hit submit.


Once submitted, the data import process will commence.


If the process successfully completed you can see the results on the system. In this scenario the process completed successfully.


Now you can see the imported data has been referenced correctly. On the Accounts (Companies) list, the primary contact field is updated.


On the Contacts list, you can see the Company name (Account) is updated.





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