Sharepoint 2010

Share Point usage: For managing project work (Part 1)

For my learning curve in share point, first of all I thought to explore mote about the usage of this technology. Following is a scenario that I came up during my day to day work life. Use of simple Task List in Share Point helped me to overcome set of difficulties.

After deploying the on going project to UAT, every morning on my outlook email box there were several emails related to issues raised by client, and changes requested by them, etc. I found it quite difficult to keep track of these email after assigning them to my development team. The hardest part was to reporting the progress to the Product Managers and the respective stake holders.

Since we have used Team Foundation Server 2010 as our project management tool to facilitate Agile practices with Scrum, the installation also includes a Share Point site which enabled the team to share all the design documents, test cases, Wiki pages, etc.



Learning Share Point 2010 is Fun

I have started learning Share Point as it was one of the things that I wanted to do for a long time. So I downloaded the Share Point 2010 foundation and installed it. In the meantime I have also started following up training on Plural-Site for Share Point 2010. I have to tell you all the training videos that I followed so far are excellent, and believe me, I have managed to gain wide range of knowledge during past few days.
Also it made me push to do some R&D projects with the knowledge that I have, basically out of the box functionality. One interesting thing with Share Point 2010, that I came across was the data model. I was expecting to see tables on the database. That was one misunderstanding I made. But further looking into this, as I’m so determine to learn this new piece of technology, I found out that the data model of Share Point is different from CRM. For example on one occasion I have created couple of lists and expecting to see a table on the relevant database, as when we create an entity on CRM on the database underneath we get two entities base and the extension base. After diving deeper into this I understood that even though the list are the primary mechanism of storing data, those lists doesn’t represent a table on the database. It is more like set of inter related Excel worksheets. (more…)

My First Look at Share Point 2010

For some time I was looking an opportunity to work with Share Point and few days’ back I downloaded the Share Point 2010 Foundation to see how is the demon. So I started installing it on my windows 7 laptop. I followed the following article on the web.
But when I apply the automatic configuration it failed several times giving me the following error.
“Configuration Failed……..
Failed to create the Configuration database.
An exception of type Microsoft.Sharepoint.SPException was thrown. Additional exception information: User cannot be found.”
So I followed the link on the message box to open the Log. It was all Greek to me at this stage, i.e. this was my first attempt to do anything with Share Point.