Best practices and preparation for Data Import for Dynamics 365

Data migration is one of the top priority tasks in Dynamics 365 solutions. For majority of clients they have some data to be migrated to the new solution. And every client want their data to be perfect. So it is highly important that data is well prepared before doing any imports. Objective of this article is to highlight some of the best practices that you should follow up when preparing data.



Practical use of Case Summary Table report

Out of the box, Dynamics CRM provides us set of reports. This article will talk about Case Summary Table reports which is significantly important for case management scenarios. In fact it is capable of highlighting the trends and patterns of cases that you are receiving for your products and services.


Dynamics 365 Team Access Configuration for Records

Access teams is one of the cool features in Dynamics 365. This allows us to assign records to multiple users. An access team is basically a collection of users who has access to a record. For instance, there could be a large account, which a team of account managers might be working for continuous business.


Limitations of Calculated Fields with real world example

One of my previous articles, I have explained about how cool the Calculated Fields are. But, as always there is a catch, i.e. there are several limitations. So when you decide to use calculated fields, you need to remember these.


Complex Customer Relationship Structures

In many organizations, they have different relationships between their customers. And these relationships can be very complex. If you get 10 businesses, they do operations in 10 different ways. And you must respect that in order for you to have healthy relationship with your client. Fortunately Dynamics CRM is here to save the day. You can maintain the complexity of your customer relationship in Dynamics CRM.


Dynamics CRM Security Model – Part 02 – Security Roles

When I describe about Business Units in one of my previous articles, I explained that business units defined the scope or the boundary for what people have access to. Within each business unit there will be security roles defined the accessibility for users. So it makes sense for a security roll to be associated with a business unit. Therefore at the point of creating the security role, you must associate the relevant business unit.


Connecting Dynamics CRM 2016 On Premise to Power BI for better reporting

As we all know, Power BI is a great tool for generate reports. Best part is, it allows you to consume data from various data sources. Dynamics CRM is one of those many sources. True that CRM already provide reporting capabilities, but with Power BI, you can extend that capability. For instance, you can provide more interactive Dashboards with Power BI. Here, I am going to explain how to establish a connection to your CRM 2016 on premise via Power BI desktop. Let’s follow the steps.

First click on the “Get Data” from the ribbon, and select “Odata feed” from the drop down menu. (more…)