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MySql Server Configuration wizard not responding on Windows 7

For some R&D work related to Entity Framework and MySQL I installed MySQL on windows 7. I couldn’t work on this for some time, so naturally I forgot the password. So I thought to reinstall it. So I uninstalled it and try to install it again. The installation was successful but the configuration wizard was not responding for hours.
So I googled for it and found the solution, but it was not the exact answer to my problem. There were very complex solutions as well. Following are the steps that O followed.

    1. Completely uninstall MySQL
    2. Remove the MySQL folder under the hidden folder “ProgramData”
    3. Remove the MySQL folder under the “ProgramFiles”

One of the solutions required to restart the computer after going through the above steps, but I didn’t restarted the computer. Then I tried again with the installation, and the installation went fine.
The issue behind this is, when you uninstall MySQL it will not remove all the files and these files are in an inconsistent state after uninstallation. During the installation the configuration wizard will access these files and try to modify them. Due to the current state of these files the configuration wizard can’t alter any of these files and the wizard will go to “Not Responding” state.


Five common mistakes to watch out in database design

Following is a TechRwpublic article which highlight five common mistakes that we tend to do in some situations.

Five common mistakes in database design

I have seen in many cases that the teams unintentionally doing these mistakes, but the catch is here that we can’t always go by the rules. We have to consider the other factors such as time lines, business value, end user expectations, performance, cost, quality etc. What I believe is that we as part of the development team needs to have a balance in all aspects related to software development. That is if we would try to implement rules to avoid mistakes mentioned in the above article we may well have to sacrifice many other things. So the knowledge of the business domain, the technology used and the capability of the team will determine the successful end product.

But as a convention we must always take all the necessary measures to make no mistakes at design level so take as much time as possible to do it right at the first place.