Personal Kanban

I have been working with Scrum for last 3 years time and I came across the concept of Kanban while going through the on demand course list of PluralSight. During my carrier I have heard about Kanban and wanted to learn more about it. After following through the on demand course got to understand that with Scrum we are using some concepts of it such as task boards. But I got to know that it is also ideal for managing your personal work as well under the concept called Personal Kanban.

So I thought of using Kanban to manage my personal work to increase the productivity than usual. I decided to go ahead with this because it is quite hard to keep track of the work items that came to me. Sometimes I even end up in missing one or two work items.

With Kanban we need to do two things.

1. Visualize the work

2. Minimize the work in progress

By doing this we can increase the value flow.

So I was desperately need of some mechanism to keep track of my daily work both official and personal work.  So I initially used a physical board with some sticky notes as my experimental Kanban board. Bellow is my Personal Kanban board.


This was my personal work tracking Kanban board for about six months. It helped me a lot to keep track of my day today work and the best part was I never missed any work item at all.

Also I used “T-Shirt” sizing to prioritize the work (XL, L, M, S). This helped me to visualize my work and always I managed to keep 3 items in the current ongoing work. I didn’t add any other task to the in progress list until I complete at least 1 item. Even if I want to add any other high priority work I can see what Items will be affected. Above all I was able attend to more work items per day.

Actually I did this when I was working from home for an Australian employer. This was my first experiment with Kanban and believe me apart from all the benefits that I got, it is actually fun and you can enjoy what you are doing. Also when time progresses you get motivated when you see the progress and you will instinctively add more work.