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Mind Maps to rescue

As a tech lead I have different work items assigned to me daily. These work items ranging from fixing different issues on the current on going project, team concerns, bug tracking, keep a track of user stories, research and development work etc.
When I start my work for the day its really difficult to keep track of these things. I used to keep check lists, but didn’t worked out 100%. Because these check lists tend get lost when you continue to work on them during the week, i.e. if I couldn’t complete these work items during the day, then sometimes I tend to forget these check list items.
Later on I used sticky notes on windows 7 to keep track of my day to day work. Also I have tried out Microsoft Outlook tasks, which of course did helped me to keep track of work by setting the reminders. But on the other hand I found its boring.
In the recent past on of my peer tech leads, Viranga was using a Mind Mapping tool to track his all day today work. So I also began to look into it, he was using a mind mapping tool called ThinkBuzan (http://www.thinkbuzan.com/intl/). I did explore the tool a little bit. It also made me to look for similar tools other than this as there is some cost involved in this.
So I came accross Xmind (http://www.xmind.net/) which has a free software download with limited features. But the features that I explored so far were adequate for my day to day planning. Following is a simple mind map that I have created to keep track of my work on daily basis.
One of the cool features that I found was this is graphical, rather than MS Outlook, which makes me to keep this diagram open on my desk top until all the tasks in the map is complete. Also it has features to record the progress of the work items graphically.
This particular toll became very handy on managing my day to day work. Following is an example of a minda map.