What is this “Odata”

I have been using Odata services with Dynamics CRM for some time, but would liked to learn the theory and benefit of the technology. This is a high level overview of Odata and I’m looking forward to blog detail explanation of the technology and how it is used.

First will have a brief look into the technologies out there and later we’ll see what exactly Odata. When it comes to building services there are few designs principles that can be used to best represent the services.
1. SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
SOAP is all about exchange data as XML and that is part of the goal of interoperability. This is the most popular mechanism to make distributed method calls and it opens an interoperable mechanism for communicating or exchanging data. It also provides a suit of protocols embedded in the data messages. These protocols cover things such as security, transactions, etc. This provides a rich set of metadata or information about the services which indicate what the service provides, so the end users can easily invoke the service. Also these are operation or verb focused such as Insert, Update, Create, Get, etc. In terms of the web all the SOAP messages use HTTP Post only. So you always packaging up the body of the information and posting over the web.