Product Management

Key ingredients to build a product road map

Why do we need a good product road map strategy? And what are the ingredients that is required to create a proper road map? In today s’ competitive environment new products are introduced to the market every day. We can’t sit back and relax. Product managers, sales and marketing team, other interested parties in the company should work together to meet the customer demands. In this article I am trying to find out what are the key ingredients to create an effective product road map.

So who creates the road map? Ideally the Product managers need to build the road map at least 3 to 6 months ahead. Make sure that this road map is shared among all the stakeholders and better if you can display it to the whole company. They need to visualize the new features before the customers do. Also these features need to be useful to the end users. If you include any new feature in your road-map that is not usable or in other words does not bring value to the end users then it is waste of time and money. So PMs need to be carefully plan the road map. Most importantly they need to visit the road-map at least twice a week. Alter it according to the changing market needs, because we all know that the market is changing all the time.