CRM 2011 Workflow Expansion Task: Waiting For Resources

I have created a virtual machine and deployed CRM 2011 to do some R&D work recently. After creating the solution and adding all the necessary entities to the solution I have started do my work. First I wanted to check the Async service functionality, so I created a simple workflow to create a Task activity when a Lead record is created.

But when the record was created the workflow didn’t get fired. When I checked on the System Jobs, only the Workflow Expansion Task was started and it was waiting for resources. I did some googling and found different solutions, but few, that didn’t helped me at all.

Instinctively I opened the Deployment Managed and Checked the organization settings. There I found that the State of the Organization is Failed. So I deleted the failed organization and created a new one. Of course I had to recreate the solution, but after creating the same workflow and when I created the new Lead record, this time the work flow executed successfully. So the bottom line was that the Failed state of the organization made the Async service not to initiate the system job to execute the workflow.


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